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I live in Eden Prairie so driving up to Maple Grove is a little bit of a drive. These guys are definitely worth it! I bought a 2014 Trek Fuel Ex 8 from them earlier this year and couldn't be happier. Great group of people at this location. My next bike, hopefully this winter, will without question be from these guys!

Jay D. 11/5/2015

Blake was incredible! I called and was able to get my bikes wheels adjusted to true same day with no appointed after calling in. $20. How great is that? 

Not only that but he went over the rest of my bike and adjusted breaks, lubed chain, and readjust my shifting mechanism and checked tire pressure. All free. Holy crap never had this good of service before from any store. I asked if I should tip him because of all he did and his response was "No man, I love my job. It was no trouble."

Blake and maple grove cycling were incredible and I'll definitely becoming here again.

Benjamin S. 4/30/2015

They corrected a small mistake on a repair, in which my chain was accidentally left on instead of being replaced. Took it back, and it fixed it right on the spot. They also gave me some freebies. Kudos to them for correcting the mistake in a polite and generous manner.

Paul L. 8/15/2014

Just finished up the MS-150 and in the middle of the second day had my front tire blow out. Lindsey helped me out by not only replacing my tire, but he also gave my bike a once over and dialed everything in. I can't say enough about their customer service! Thanks guys!!

John M. 6/9/2014

Over the last couple years, I've been coming to MG Cycle.  The staff is helpful and friendly.  They sell Trek, which is a brand I like.  They have some awesome and ridiculously expensive bikes, but I can see why.  They are meant to perform.

My latest visit was to get my tires trued (I had a bent rim).  The price was right at $20 per tire, the only thing I didn't like was that the wait was about 5 days.  To my surprise they finished the bike up 3 days early!  How excellent is that?  It's running great.  They did a great job!  Also if you don't want to wait, they have rentals at the shop.  This was very tempting for me, but I had a spare 15 speed Huffy sitting at home I could use...

Abe M. 9/12/2012

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