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Cyclist on Tri-bike

Bike Fitting Testimonials

JC was very excited to work with me and give the precision bike fitting experience a big test, so I scheduled an appointment. The equipment was very impressive. The pressure change on the bike seat was so incredible he actually asked me if I was standing at one point. Thank you JC and Maple Grove Cycling.

Chris B.

Being fitted was like putting on my favorite pair of shoes. The guys from the mechanics to the owner have been very helpful and very kind. The customer service is top notch. I appreciate all the help, knowledge, and feeling like family when I go in there. Thanks MGC for all you do.

Jeff C.

The best part is knowing my specs are stored on the computer and we can continue to make adjustments as needed to improve my riding and racing! A proper bike fit is a great investment to be comfortable and improve performance on your bike!

Cheryl Z.

I am so glad I chose to get fitted. It was highly educational in that I thought I knew enough about riding to be successful. Man, was I wrong. JC worked with me on a range of things I never knew existed.These questions helped me better understand how the bike and I work together. In the end it makes me faster.

Mark B.