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Recommended shop supplies. Sulzer Mixpac EA51 Manual Gun 50 mL one-part or two-part adhesive dispenser. A lightweight, hand-held applicator used for dispensing two-component adhesives. Details: - Includes one 1:1/2:1 ratio plunger - Lightweight and durable plastic construction
An essential tool for your shop. Designed to work specifically with the 36mm OD IsoStrut from Fox. Proprietary tool for Trek bikes equipped with 2020-2023 IsoStrut. Details: - Refer to the Service Manual for assembly instructions and service - Contains 2 presses, one for each end - Compatible with a standard headset press to install both bushings at once
Genuine replacement parts. Get the most from your 135x5mm ThruSkew system. Replace your missing lever or keep it as a spare. Designed for 2023 Marlin Gen 3 Details: - Can be kept inside the thru-axle or left off the bike to save weight - The lever is held securely by an internal O-ring on the thru-axle - 5mm metric hex tool
Get back on the road with genuine replacement parts. For proper assembly. Details: - Works with TQ connectors - Sold individually
Protect your investment by using the right tool. Essential for correct installation. PRODUCT DETAILS - Used for tamper resistant fasteners - 1/4" hexagon shank
Perform frame repairs safely with this rivnut tool. When it's time to refresh your trusty bike, Trek torque tools have you covered. PRODUCT DETAILS - Torque limiting tool to safely install rivnuts in Trek frames - Designed for use with M3, M4, and M5 rivnuts - Refer to Service Manual for assembly instructions and service
Protect your investment by using the right tool. A specialty tool that is difficult to find. Details: - For use with Torx Plus IPR fasteners with security pin - 5-Lobe interface - 1/4" drive
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